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How it works

Talk to us

Describe the place and send us pictures to receive the first evaluation from our experts.
Set your targets and your limits, take a note of the dates you want to start earning money from your property, let us know what you like (and dislike) and we will create your listing, taking under consideration what your guests are looking for.


We take care of your bookings

We use advanced pricing algorithms to set the most appropriate price for your space, we answer all the questions and handle all the guests’ applications to make sure your always have many and reliable house-guests.
We take care of all these time-consuming little details and you… you just receive updates and money on your bank account!

Let us manage your property

Among a thousand other little things we do for you, we schedule proffesional cleaning services for your house between your guests’ departures and arrivals, welcome and treat your guests, take care of their needs and offer 24/7 support to them and your property.
We love doing this!


… quality time with your family, loved ones and friends and earn money renting out your apartment while you let us, handle everything on your behalf!

Find out how much you could earn from your property!


What is Airbnb?

It is the biggest website throughout the internet for someone to let their space (from a room or home to a castle or building) for a
few days and consequentially for another to find a place to stay in the whole world. There are other similar “search platforms”, though, Airbnb possesses over 90% of the market worldwide.

What will eazybnb do for me?

Eazybnb will entirely handle the structure and management of the registration of your space in Airbnb, the communication and settlements with candidate renters, the reception and help to visitors of your space, providing a special guide to every renter, as well as the proper and non-stop operation of your property’s registration for the 20% of the amount you earn.
Moreover, eazybnb handles its cleaning, before and after the stay of guests with separate fee, which is usually charged entirely or partially to the renters
. We can handle pretty much anything really, from the professional photoshoot of your space, the change and replenishment of sheets, towels and basic items, to the reconstruction, decoration and damage repair of your space**.
(**For any of the above, please enquire a specific offer for your space).

What can I let? I have an apartment, a block of flats, a garage, a room, a backyard etc.

Apartments and houses are what most people seek. There is a percentage of travelers who rent only one room, however this is always a bit more complicated. Of course, all of it should be furnished and the more beautiful, functional and comfy they are, the more the probability of renters they will attract.

How much money will I make?

Depending on the space and its bookings, a house may profit you from €2.000-€2.500 up to more than €10.000 annually*.
(*above prices refer to a room with an average cost of €50 per night and its return for 5-15 nights per month).

What do I have to do?

At first, all you need to do is fill-in a simple Enquiry Form and send eazybnb photos of your space. You will receive personalized
advice from our team, regarding your space and, if needed, its requirements.
Upon agreeing with eazybnb, you will only collect the earnings from your space.

How long will it take until I start earning money?

By the time an apartment is ready to rent, we need 10-15 days to conclude all procedures and your registration to appear properly in Airbnb. From the first month you will be able to earn money.

I already have listing(s) in Airbnb, can you handle it?

Of course we can!

Eazybnb already cooperates with plenty of owners who have registered their real estate in Airbnb and has managed to significantly increase services towards guests. So, more bookings and better reviews!
Note: Not referred to long-stay partnerships (seasonal or per occasion), where charges for services differ.

Are there any specifications that an apartment or room should have, so that eazybnb handles it?

Eazybnb only handles houses, villas and apartments.
We currently fully serve real estates located in the centre of Athens as well as in Salonica, Chalkidiki and Paros island.

Necessary: furnished / heating / hot water / minimum two bedrooms / wardrobes-storage / kitchen-kitchenette / fridge / basic items
(cookware, glasses, dishes, cutlery) / fast Wi-Fi / air-condition / TV / washing machine / first-aid kit.
Desired: access for the disabled / easy access to transportation / satellite TV.

How am I getting paid?

This varies depending on the platform. One way is the split account with which 24 hours after the renter’s payment, the money
will be credited to your card or bank account, minus the commission of eazybnb. Another way is the monthly liquidation based on reservations and the transfer of the money in a bank account or PayPal.

Things you should know

Most easily and frequently rented are the houses and apartments located nearby monuments, tourist sights and transport hubs.

Distance from the city centre is significant as most of the tourists/visitors prefer it. Photographs, also, determine in most cases whether a space will have bookings or not.
Professional photoshoots can be one of the greatest “investments” a property owner can do in order to increase their chances for profit. Eazybnb cooperates with a team of professional photographers specializing in interiors.