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eazybnb takes care of everything

for you and your property

Leave everything to eazybnb and simply earn money renting your space to visitors from all over the world

Do you want to easily make money renting out your apartment?

The easiest and simplest way to manage a property on Airbnb®, without effort and expenses

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what eazybnb does

Evaluates free of charge your apartment and proposes solutions

From initial preparation of your space to professional photo shooting

Creation, optimisation and full management of your listing on Airbnb®

Finds, communicates and evaluates prospective guests

Reservation management and arrangements for receipts and delivery of keys

Bears responsibility for communication on 24/7 guest demands

Provides professional cleaning services following each guest departure

Handles all the financial details and pays immediately

Starting from 15% commission on all bookings

You pay only when we earn you money!

Find out how much you could earn from your property!

some of our finest properties

Eazybnb is currently located and is servicing areas in Greece.

Soon to expand to the Balkans & beyond!


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In this 30″ video neither our company
nor our clients are visible.

You only see the final result of our efforts.

One rents a home, one provides a home.

We take care of both.

Everyone is satisfied.

We are Eazybnb

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